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"2 Smart 2 Cry" by Maisie May

Maisie May’s debut single “2 Smart 2 Cry” takes you down the rabbit hole and into Maisie’s wonderland, lush with light airy vocals and bright tranquil synth. Beneath these dreamy sounds are darker lyrics about a girl who finds herself repeating her mistakes and falling down the same metaphorical rabbit hole. Maisie’s voice tells the story from a more learned perspective and although delicate, it contains an edge that lends itself perfectly to the overall sound and meaning. A beautiful Alice in Wonderland inspired take on first love and personal growth, “2 Smart 2 Cry” conveys the message of self-love being the ultimate form of unconditional love and persevering over romantic relationships. Ultimately, her time spent in this wonderland makes her stronger and more confident in her ability to listen to and love herself. A fantasy dreamscape that begs you to get lost in it, “2 Smart 2 Cry” pulls you back into reality with the revelation that you don’t need romantic love to feel fulfilled.

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Written by: Courtney Thompson

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Kira W
Kira W
Oct 10, 2021

I enjjoyed reading your post

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