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Anjor's Self-Titled EP

At just nineteen years old, Anjor has dropped her latest self-titled EP! The seven tracks delicately evoke both the vulnerability and joy that come with growing up and leaving home for the first time. Just moving to the city herself, Anjor unabashedly reveals the highs and lows of growing up that we all can relate to. Kicking off the EP is the catchy pop ballad, “Emerald City.” A tender love letter to New York City, the lyrics exquisitely balance the excitement of new beginnings mixed with the heartache of leaving loved ones behind.

Moving to a more upbeat vibe, “Crush” has a more classic pop feel with a pulsing beat that will make you want to get up and dance. The lyric, “Time stops when you’re with me/ and when I’m with you baby/ I forget just how to breathe” will make you reminisce on the overwhelming bliss of a new crush. Transitioning to heartfelt piano chords is “On My Mind” with its cyclical refrain that accurately mirrors when you can’t stop thinking about that special someone.

Up next is the sophisticated, “Burn.” Starting off with techno accents, the track shows Anjor’s maturity with strong vocals and heavy lyrics of burning desire. Following is my personal favorite, “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” If Sandy from Grease was a sultry jazz singer in a nightclub, it would sound exactly like this. An impeccable sequence of bass, cymbals, and classic vocal style- this track hits the spot.

“Last Song” slows things down as a hypnotic ballad that explores the pain and empowerment of a break-up. Stripped down with Anjor’s ethereal vocals alongside a piano, we see pure vulnerability throughout the track. Lastly we have “Montauk,” a tender closure to the dynamic emotions we felt and glimmering with hope of settling down with a loved one by the seaside.

An intimate portrait of coming of age in the city, Anjor will effortlessly transport you back to your 19 year old self. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for such a talent and look forward to what will come! Follow Anjor on social media for updates on future shows and music!

xo Madison Hetterly


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