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"Big Yellow Taxi" cover by Sasha Dobson

Sasha Dobson’s version of “Big Yellow Taxi” was released today, and it is the latest single from Petaluma Records’ upcoming album Stop, Hey What’s That Sound: Classic Protest Songs Reimagined. An updated cover of the original song by Joni Mitchell, Sasha’s version features some subtle changes along with her own unique sound. She sings sweetly, accompanied by mellow guitar strumming, but the message is powerful. Speaking to the climate crisis and the culpability of large corporations and industries, Sasha reminds listeners of the very real environmental devastation that is occurring more rapidly each day. One of the most effective additions to Sasha’s rendition of the song is the juxtaposition of singing birds and light gusts of wind with the sounds of construction work, highlighting the intrusion of industrialization on nature. The full album of reimagined protest songs, featuring Sasha Dobson’s “Big Yellow Taxi”, will be released on January 31. All proceeds of the song will go to

Written by: Courtney Thompson


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