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"Bugs" by Chloe Berry

Chloe Berry’s new single “Bugs” is a thoughtful depiction of comforting a loved one during a difficult time. Starting out slowly, Chloe sings about understanding the sadness that her loved one is experiencing and being affected by it herself. Slow guitar chords accompany her crooning voice for these lyrics, leading into upbeat drums and an energetic rhythm as the song picks up. Rather than focus on the negative, Chloe emphasizes the relationship that the two have, making the song much more upbeat. She doesn’t offer a solution, but is present for her loved one. Even if they’re just watching bugs to pass the time, being together is what matters. Funky guitar riffs pair well with Chloe’s voice, giving the song a carefree, feel-good attitude that could easily turn bug-watching into a dance party. Follow Chloe on social media here!

Written by: Courtney Thompson



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