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Casey Dubie's "into the moon"

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Vermont native, Casey Dubie, has released her debut album "into the moon" today and it is folk magic. With seven tracks that gracefully drift throughout different stages of a relationship, the lyrics poignantly detail the ups and downs of both romance and friendship. The first track, "Silver," starts out smooth and soft with continuous guitar chords accompanying Dubie's refined vocals. The lyric "I miss your drunken smile/ nonchalant and hazy" reverberate the nostalgia of missing a loved one. Transitioning to a more upbeat sound, "Confetti" uses the playful metaphor of confetti as disbursed memories.

"Carry On" takes us on a journey of both mourning and hope with a building motion throughout the melody that accurately resembles the mantra of carrying on through life. Next is "Coals," a stunning track filled with emotion and heart along with lyrics that give all the feels. Following with "Wolf," we hear the frustration of being abandoned, but Dubie leads with a sense of inspiring vulnerability and the empowerment that come with speaking out your truths even when it is painful.

"It's Too Late" and "Into the Moon" were recently released as singles and stand on their own as powerful tracks. Dubie's gift for storytelling is clear in this album alongside her talent and artistry. Currently residing in Houston, TX, she has been traveling and working on "into the moon" for the past two years and worked with Nashville producer, Micah Tawlks. A beautiful and honest reflection of the intricacies of relationships, "into the moon" is an album you don't want to miss. Listen below and follow Casey Dubie on social media for upcoming shows!

Photo By: @kayhl

xo Madison Hetterly


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