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Coming of Age by Elizabeth Owens

A stunning debut album with a fervent arc, Coming of Age by Elizabeth Owens tells the tale of a princess's awakening. Combining psychedelic folk and rock, each track layers a new meaning to the next. The first time I heard the opening song, "5Am" I got chills down my spine. As we journey alongside the princess from pain and heartache with "Growing Pain/ Interlude" and "Try" to an effervescent hope of "Be Better," Owens craftily paints us the portrait of a feminist fairytale. A native from Richmond, Virginia, Owens is a self-proclaimed "singer-songwriter, composer, producer & poet battling the self-hate epidemic." Finding the beauty and strength in yourself can feel like a daunting task in a society that tells you to find every flaw but this album fights against that story in a dazzling way. Check out more from Elizabeth Owens here and listen to the magical playlist she curated just for us!


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