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Courtney Marie Andrews at Rough Trade

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

It is quite rare to find an artist that moves you in deeply emotional ways every time they open their mouth. This was my experience when I was lucky enough to witness Courtney Marie Andrews and her band perform to a packed house last Wednesday at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY. Electrifying your soul with each note, seeing Andrews live felt more like an active, emotional experience rather than simply being a passive spectator. With an equally talented band, the dynamic performances by Dillon Warnek on electric guitar and Ole Kirkeng on bass were the perfect pairing to go alongside Andrew's killer vocals. After a demanded encore, Courtney and Dillon came out to a cheering crowd and spoke some truth to the room. Performing a song she wrote the night after The Women’s March, she performed a stripped down version of the heart wrenching "Heart and Mind." Written in the shoes of a Mother's perspective to her daughter in our current political climate, the track is a reminder to both men and women that one is more than just the physical body they possess. Continuing the last leg of the tour, check out their upcoming performances to witness these powerful artists live!

Photo by: Sarvani Ramcharran @sarvanirr

xo Madison Hetterly



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