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"Daze Inn" Music Video + Interview with Carlie Hanson

This week we chatted with alt pop artist Carlie Hanson about the music video for her latest single "Daze Inn." With Euphoria inspired visuals + vibes, this song will be the perfect pick me up to get you through your quarantine. Watch the music video here and check out our interview below! xoxo

1) Hey Carlie! Thanks for chatting with Indie Witches:) How have you been holding up in all this quarantine craziness?

Hey!! I’ve been holding up pretty good during this weird time in our lives. I’ve been staying distracted playing guitar, writing in my journal everyday, binging a bunch of random Netflix shows.. Eating a lot of cereal. Not too bad at all! I hope you have been doing okay yourself!

2) LOVE "Daze Inn," what does your song creation process typically look like?

My song creation usually involves me, another songwriter in the room and a producer. Usually I’ll come in the studio with an idea already in mind that I wanna talk about and we’ll go from there. Sometimes I have no idea what I wanna talk about and I have to spend an hour or two discussing what’s going on in my head. Then from there, we’ll create a beat, or loop a piano/guitar riff and I’ll spit out a shit ton of melodies to form the right words.

3) Amazing video and love that it's Euphoria inspired:) Who is your favorite Euphoria character and why?

I loveee Euphoria. It’s hard to say who my favorite character is since each of them have their own spark. I love Rue, though. Her style is similar to mine, she is strong, funny, and you can tell she really cares about her family and Jules, maybe even too much sometimes. I relate to that and I relate to some of her struggles. It’s captivating watching her character develop and I can’t wait for the second season!

4) What advice do you have for other young women in the music industry?

My first piece of  advice I would give to other females in the music industry is to be yourself and be honest. Don’t overthink what you do. Don’t try to be someone else. If you want something, don’t be afraid to do it. If you have a creative idea, create it!  In writing sessions, be open. Don’t worry about what someone else in the room might say or how they’ll react when you have an idea. Trust yourself!

5) Who are you currently listening to?

I’m currently listening to 070 Shake, Trevor Daniel, and The Weeknd. All three of them have new albums out and I have them on replay. I’m also listening to The Kid LAROI, I love his voice. Mac DeMarco will always put me in a good mood, i’ve been up watching his music videos every night lately.

6) Where is the best place for fans to follow you and stay updated on your new music?

The best place for fans to follow me is my instagram and twitter, both @CarlieHanson! And make sure you got me on apple music/spotify/soundcloud. Whatever you use!


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