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"Drive Away" by Kayls

Kayls’ glittering debut single “Drive Away” encapsulates luxury and loneliness within a dynamic melody. Kayls and her producer, Bambor Leany, found inspiration from The Great Gatsby. The song features elements of that iconic Gatsby glam along with the emptiness that is a major plot point in the novel. Despite all the glitz, Kayls and Bambor Leany have done an incredible job of depicting loneliness in such a painfully realistic and relatable way. One of the most iconic lyrics features a muffin and a busted button, which is unexpected yet perfectly fitting. Kayls’ breathy voice is like a sad but beautiful sigh as she sings of hearing her loved one drive away and the ensuing loneliness she faces. The echoing vocals during select verses and the chorus have a strong effect and compliment the pulsing bassline and percussion. A gorgeous and unique song, “Drive Away” is perfect for nights by your enormous pool, long drives in your Ferrari, or, more likely for most of us, having a late-night snack alone. Follow Kayls on social media here!

Written by: Courtney Thompson


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