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Elizabeth Moen: "A Million Miles Away"

Elizabeth Moen’s new album A Million Miles Away will captivate you with her profound voice and old school bluesy and folky sound. Moen is based in Iowa and is still pretty new to the music scene. Her first self-titled E.P. was released in 2016 and she has made singing and songwriting her full-time career since.

Moen brings her enthralling sound and unreserved lyrics about her personal growth to her new album. The first few songs of A Million Miles Away reveal the ache Moen is experiencing and is about to spill throughout the rest of her album. She confesses to us her once unknown thoughts about possibly someone she once loved. In “Best I Can Do” she expresses the intensity of her thoughts as she says, “wishing’s the best I can do.” Then in “Don’t Say I”, she expresses her anguish by singing, “I was everything you wanted.” It’s easy to find yourself mesmerized by Moen’s words of heartache and her bluesy and deep harmony, but the album’s tone takes a turn into her recognition of her own growth. However, as we all know, there’s a lot of unknown when it comes to growth and your personal journey, which Moen captures ever so truthfully in “Planetarium” as she says, “this place doesn’t make sense anymore.” And as Moen sings about being a million miles away in “Planetarium”, she beautifully ties the entire album together from being unsure of the journey to committing to the process. Check her out on social media and check out her curated playlist here!

XO- Katie Lerner


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