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EP Release! 64 Women by Tarah Who?

Happy International Women’s Day!! A day to celebrate the women in your life and continue the much needed fight for equality, today marks one of pride and bravery. As a contribution, Tarah Who? has released their latest EP, 64 Women. The title is in respect to the 64 women who were detained at the downtown L.A. immigration jail on November 2016. An in your face grunge punk saga, each track evokes a different driving emotion. The L.A/Parisian power trio throws it back to hard-core 90s feels with tracks “Linger” and “Copycat.” Front-woman, Tarah Carpenter, drives you on a psychedelic and twisted trip with “Umbilicus,” while chanting “I’m not your mother!” A thrilling EP, each track feels like a calling to women to get up and fight for what they deserve. Listen to this before your next protest and you’ll feel an energy you haven’t felt before! Stream or download 64 Women below and be sure to follow Tarah Who? On social media here!


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