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"Favorite Emotion" by Fleurt

Fleurt released an 80s-pop inspired single “Favorite Emotion” and we can't get enough of it. She juxtaposes happy, upbeat pop music with lyrics that are about longing and love. In the pre-chorus, she states, “Tell me it’s okay/I know we’re fucked in the long term”, which perfectly encapsulates what being young and in love feels like. The chorus then transitions to claiming, “Nostalgia is my favorite emotion”, which with a poppy track behind it, makes a simple feeling into something more complex—that a certain type of longing can be almost gratifying in a twisted way.

Mixing an upbeat instrumental with some heavy lyrics is a tricky thing to do well, but Fleurt makes those two contrasting elements fit so well together. “Favorite Emotion” does everything pop music should be doing right now. Check out the video below and stream the track now!

XO- Gen Dietzel


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