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"Fire & Fury" Music Video + Interview with Overcoats

Overcoats’ new release “Fire & Fury” is a force to be reckoned with, just as the title implies. The song features Hana and JJ’s gorgeous harmonies as they describe their fight and the divide between themselves and others who are more or less content with the state of things. The music video uses the color red, from the outfits the two women don to the images of flames themselves, to create a powerful visual message of the fire and fury within them. The video also includes stunning shots of Hana and JJ dancing in the desert and surrounded by candles and mirrors in a dark room. With incredible momentum, “Fire & Fury” builds tension through a strong chorus teeming with resolute whispers, harmonies, and high notes. Overcoats manage to illustrate the feeling of frustration that comes with constantly fighting, but also create an energetic and motivating song. Imbued with a sense of urgency, “Fire & Fury” voices concern for the current state of the world and for the future, but ultimately remains inspiring with the confirmation that “we’ll get through it.”

Overcoats’ new album The Fight will be released on March 6th and you can catch them on tour this spring!

Written By: Courtney Thompson

1) Your upcoming album is titled The Fight. What exactly is the fight and why did you feel compelled to write an album about it?

The Fight is many things. It’s the fight with a partner, the fight against your own depression and anxiety, the fight for political representation. We were finding more and more that we were needing to fight for what we wanted. And we want to make an album that made that empowering.

2) I’m obsessed with your custom tarot deck! Where did the idea to design a tarot deck for The Fight come from, and was tarot an influence for you on this album?

Thank you! Tarot was such a big influence to us. When we were writing our album, we pulled a card every morning to help guide our day writing and making music. The morning we wrote The Fool, we pulled the card of the same name. That was one of the first songs we wrote for the album and got us really thinking about how tarot and hope and spirituality could be a theme of the record.

3) How do you feel that your music has evolved since your debut album YOUNG?

We hope that it’s evolved in a positive way. I think in a lot of ways, it is the same. We are singing about vulnerable feelings, we are singing in harmony. But the subject matter is definitely a bit angrier, and the sonics a little more in your face. We wanted to make something a bit louder this time around.

4) You guys seem really in your element when you perform. What has it been like opening for Cold War Kids and what are you looking forward to on your headlining tour this spring?

It’s been amazing to be on tour with them. We love performing live and we’re learning so much from them about feeling free and connecting with crowds. We’re excited to be on our headline tour so we can play our new album live and share the songs with our listeners.

5) What was it like shooting the music video for your latest release “Fire & Fury”?

Shooting the video was really fun. We wanted to capture the apocalyptic feeling of politics today, and express the danger of our generation’s obsession with vanity. It was fun to figure out ways to show these meanings behind the song visually.

6) One prominent lyric in “Fire & Fury” is “So just stop and say something do you see what I see?” What is an issue that you wish people would be more vocal about?

Just generally we feel that our society is plagued with apathy. On all fronts, we need to take action... against climate change, against the war on women’s bodies. It’s not cool to not care.


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