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"Fly Away (Free Bird)" by Yaniza

From the first cheery ukulele strum, this song is like a drink of water. Yaniza’s twinkling, bright vocals against a lush natural backdrop make her video for "Fly Away (Free Bird)" a refreshing musical feat. At once invigorating and zen, Yaniza’s confidence as a singer and songwriter beams in this song, whose style shares the charm and whimsy of artists like Lenka and Lykke Li. Perhaps the most refreshing thing about "Fly Away (Free Bird)" is the purity of it. An uncomplicated arrangement and universally smile-inducing lyrics compliment each other to make for simple pleasure you’ll want to hear again and again. This song is but a bud in Yaniza’s sure-to-blossom career. If you’re interested in the audio equivalent of a sunny day, give Yaniza’s "Fly Away (Free Bird)" a listen.

XO- Sarvani Ramcharran


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