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"Heartstrings" by Raquel Lily

Raquel Lily recently released her latest track “Heartstrings” and literally as soon as the song started, I was already smiling. Having written the song about a mushroom trip that she went on, Lily describes it as an introspective look into the gushy feelings she couldn’t help but indulge in when thinking of someone she has absolute love and appreciation for. And, even if drug-fueled at that moment, that kind of love is palpable when you listen to the track.

“Heartstrings” has this sultry, R&B vibe that guides you in with a heavy bass and kick drum and then you realize that her voice hasn’t even come in yet. But when it does, you’ll know exactly what love is in that moment. Lily’s soulfulness is perfectly captured in the vocal cracks and runs that she effortlessly imbues in every line. She very much takes musical and vocal influence from the likes of Whitney Houston and other old school R&B folx. And the gospel influences in her track also make you feel like you’re going to church but in the best way possible.

The subject matter of the track itself is described as experiencing this amount of love as “disgusting” but I truly love the way the song leans into that sentiment nonetheless. It’s like liquid gold that just lets you indulge in what feels good even if it’s embarrassing. And I feel like that’s the exact kind of love and appreciation we ought to show ourselves in this insanely chaotic time that is 2020.

So do yourself a favor and listen to the soul candy that is Raquel Lily’s “Heartstrings.” If only for 4 minutes and 59 seconds, let yourself go on a trip up to cloud nine and just take it in over and over again.

Written by: Misao McGregor


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