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"HONEY INSTEAD OF WINE" by Sophie Steinchen

Originally from London, UK and currently residing in Lillehammer, Norway, Sophie Steinchen gives off grace, strength, and goddess power with latest video "Honey instead of Wine." Putting viewers in a pink mise-en-scène that visually articulates electronic dream pop, the video was a collaboration with photographer/videographer Hannah Sommer as well as creatives from Sophie's life such as Cici Lara and Crimson Helles.

"Honey instead of Wine is exploring the transcendent state in which everything feels like it has fallen into place and the whole universe is perfectly fine. It is doing so from a female perspective and is thematising common self doubt but solving this with empowering mantras that lead to finding strength and content within oneself. Honey is used as a symbol for it's nurturing, healing and natural powers. It is inspired by the poems of Rupi Kaur, celebrating the energy of sisterhood, using coven as a reference for empowerment and support."

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XO ~ Indie Witches


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