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"I Want You" by Venture Rose

Venture Rose’s new single “I Want You” is a beautiful dreamscape about simply wanting someone to know that you want them. Venture is a pop singer/songwriter whose music mixes honest, down-to-earth lyrics with a romantic pop-fantasy sound, and her latest single is no exception. Dreamy synth and percussion softly introduce the song and make you feel like you’re entering a dream world. If you’re looking for an escape from the often harsh reality we’re living in, “I Want You” is a great song to listen to. It is a reminder of how pure and powerful love can be, which seems like an important thing to keep in mind right now. The lyrics are upfront and to the point, and extremely relatable for anyone who has ever had a crush and felt like they just had to express their feelings even if they might not be reciprocated. Venture’s voice is sweet and light, and there are beautiful backing vocals and harmonies throughout the song that really highlight her talent. “I Want You” would be perfect on a playlist for your significant other… or maybe even to send to your crush if you’re feeling brave. But regardless of your relationship status, it’s a gorgeous song that is certain to lift your mood and make you smile.

Written by: Courtney Thompson



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