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"In This Room" by Lavaud

Lots of us are missing loved ones right now -- whether that’s because we’re sheltering in place in different states/cities, or because being in isolation has reminded us about all the people that kept us from feeling lonely before. Singer-songwriter Lavaud is tackling all those themes in her latest release, “In This Room”. 

The 25-year-old musician was born and raised in London, UK with family origins from the island of Mauritius, a nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of the African continent. Her upbringing and musical influences varied from listening to “Sega, a traditional Mauritian sound, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Reggae and Gospel,” all of which manage to be captured in the musical backdrop of her latest release. The instrumentation is fairly simple with electric guitar, voice, and snap percussion, but Lavaud’s voice is enough to fill the entire space of whatever room you’re listening in. She is able to deftly maneuver the melodic structure through unexpected jazz chords that keep the listener on their toes while still feeling comforted that she’s steering you in the right direction. Lavaud describes the experience of this song as a realization of "just how much a person can mean to you, the little things, like missing their scent, their touch and their presence. It’s a small representation of what the world is facing and the truth about the vulnerability of real love.” 

So if you’re looking to be comforted by music with a sweet, honey tone and a polished execution, listen to Lavaud’s “In This Room” available everywhere on June 12th, 2020! 

Written by: Misao McGregor



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