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Interview: CLT DRP

Meet Brighton, UK based electro-punk trio CLT DRP (pronounced clit drip). We chatted with front-womxn Annie Dorrett on all things music and life. Check it out and listen to them here!

1) Hey CLT DRP! Thanks for chatting:) I LOVEEE your name? What made you decide to go with it?

Annie Dorrett: Honestly we said it as a joke in an assessment at uni, but the reactions of people were so ridiculous we just thought why the fuck not use it? Better people have something to say about it then not right? We took out the I’s just to be a little less in your face about it.. but the impact still stands I think.

2) How have you used your music to further the feminist narrative?

A: I’m just trying to speak my truth in the best way I know how. It’s funny I think the majority of our listeners are like 70% men.. so hopefully some of them take in what I’m saying and actively try and be better. To all the womxn listening, I’m just happy that they are listening in the first place. My lyrics really are for them.

3) If you could have dinner with any woman, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

A: You know I think I’d like to have dinner with my grandma June. She passed away when I was about 13. She’s my mom’s mom and I was quite close to her when I was younger. I would love to speak to her now as an adult, and ask her about what my mom was like as a teenager. I get a lot of inspiration from my mom so it would be nice to sit and talk to June about their stories growing up.

4) What is the music scene like in Brighton?

A: There’s always things going on, I actually work at one of the local venues called ‘The Prince Albert Pub’ and there’s a gig almost every night. I think the community is lovely here, it’s a small place so you end meeting a lot of the same people who are gig goers.

5) Who are you currently listening to?

A: I think I’ve said this a few times but I’m obsessed with JPEGMAFIA, saw him live last week in London and it blew my mind. Also Princess Nokia’s new albums are wicked, especially ‘Everything is Beautiful.'

6) Where is the best place for fans to follow you?

A: I’d say Facebook & Instagram.. we are pretty active on both. Instagram is a little more casual and fun.


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