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Interview: Ekat Bork

Ekat Bork continually breaks boundaries in every aspect of her life. As an alternative electronic artist, she uses a combination of unique sounds and visuals to rupture societal norms. Her latest music videos are all captivating in their own mesmerizing way- check them out here! We interviewed Bork on how her latest album came to be and how music has helped through tough times. Check it out and follow Ekat Bork on social media for updates!

1) Hey Ekat! Thanks for interviewing with Indie Witches. How did you get your start in music?

Hey! Honestly I don’t remember when I started, but I remember that I have always been doing it. Maybe the strongest memory I have is... it was my Grandma's ramshackle chair on which she would put me on and ask me to sing for her family party guests. At the beginning I was shy, then it became difficult to put me down off that chair.

2) You have a pretty inspiring story! How did music help you during those periods of transition in your life?

In the difficult moments I was alone with myself and this make you grow up. Of course everyone reacts differently. Someone sticks to the bottle, someone else breaks everything me I happen to isolate with my keyboard finding vent in the sound.

3) It's beautiful you use music to speak your truth and tell your story. What advice do you have to other musicians who are shown resistance for not being as "commercial"?

Well...everybody is different and free to do what they want. I am not inspired by someone else, I express myself spontaneously. It takes time if you do something different, you have to hold on. So my advice is: " be yourself and hold on!” And if you are tired of holding on then... it's time to change.

4) Where has been your favorite place you've performed?

Every stage gives you something different and each time I meet different people. A particular place has certainly been India. Everyone would like to play in India but it's not that easy. I was lucky to meet people interested in my new Solo performance project, they asked me to rearrange my music in Club style. So I did and I played a completely new and unpublished project for the first time in Jaipur, Delhi and Hyderabad (ToT Club). Something different.

5) Who are you currently listening to?

I prefer to compose than to listen to and I think it's a good recipe to be more original. At the moment I am focused on my new album that should come out this spring.

6) Which woman has been the greatest inspiration in your life?

I wouldn’t say to be inspired by a particular woman, I would say that I have a great respect for these women who fight for their imperfect lives being imperfect.

7) How did KONTROL come to be?

Kontrol was born as an EP to come out before the next Album will come out from the collaboration with my co-producer Francesco Fabris in Reijkiavik at the Greenhouse studio where he works. Four purely electronic songs, arranged with the use of synths and modular systems. Kontrol is completely different from the first Album Veramellious and the second Album YASDYES. With Kontrol, I decided to revolutionize my live show and play by myself. I had a European tour and was lucky enough to play in India too. Singing, dancing, playing synths and drums is pretty hard wherever it costs a leg. :-)))

8) Where is the best place for fans to follow you?

Well... on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and, why not, on Spotify, it would be great ;)

9) Any last thoughts/words?

Do not hesitate, follow your dreams...and my music ;)

Give a look!

Love Ekat


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