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Interview: FLTY BRGR GRL

Check out our interview with Oslo based lady duo FLTY BRGR GRL!! Follow them on social media and watch their latest music video for "Be My Boy" below! photo by: @johnny_nordskog

What was the process of creating your first song as a duo like?

Making music together is almost like being in a relationship. You have to communicate and share your feelings, something we both happen to be excellent at. Like TMI is our last names. So the process was actually smoother than one might think. It also helped that we were already friends before we stated making songs together and that we both knew what kind of feeling we wanted "Be My Boy" to have.

The music video for “Be My Boy” is a great depiction of those lovesick fantasies that we all have sometimes. How did it all come together?

Director Roza Taslimi and cinematographer Lene Johansen should really have all the credit here, but the idea was basically creating a dream date like scenario, and nothing says romance like a late summer picnic. We wanted the music video to capture the cuteness and creepiness of the song, and Roza and Lene totally nailed it, we think.

What’s in store for FLTY BRGR GRL’s future? Are you currently working on new singles or an EP?

We have an upcoming single to be released soon, and the plan is to record an album in 2020. We’re also looking forward to playing concerts, hopefully in the states.

What is the Oslo music scene like?

The Oslo music scene is blossoming, any day of the week you can find a live show. Also there are so many great up & coming artists in different genres, like Musti, Hudkreft and Tuvaband.

How does it feel to see so many Norwegian musicians (such as Aurora, Sigrid, and girl in red)

finding success in America lately? Do you think it has become easier for musicians from other

countries to break into the American music scene, or is it still difficult?

Omg, we feel proud! Nothing makes us happier than other girls making it! We don’t know how easy it is to break in the American music scene, but with the development in technology and the internet it’s way easier to share your music with people all around the world. Not to mention it’s easier to connect with the people listening to your music. That’s pretty magical.

Who are some of your favorite artists and inspirations?

We listen to all kinds of genres when it comes to music. Some of the artists we’re really digging at the moment are Tyler, The creator (like the IGOR-album is our go to on repeat-album) Angel Olsen (All mirrors, what a magical album!) and Habibi (we love their playfulness). Even though we have a different sound we’re truly inspired by all of these artists.

What would a FLTY BRGR GRL’s tour look like?

First of all it would be very pink, for sure. And we hope to create an intimate and loving atmosphere. We both love to travel and make new friends from around the world, so our tour would probably be very long. In a dream scenario though we would have a pink, furry tour buss, an instead of confetti, rose pedals would fall from the sky during our last song.

Here’s a silly question, but I feel like it needs to be asked—what are your go-to burger orders?

Not a silly question at all, we love it! Our go to burger will always be Animal Style - the cheesier and greasier, the better.

What does it mean to be a FLTY BRGR GRL? Has this name empowered you?

Yeah, we feel the name is very empowering. It means you’re a badass girl who can be and do whatever.


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