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Interview: Julietta

Updated: Aug 17, 2018


Check out our interview with artist Julietta!

1) Hey Julietta! Thanks for interviewing with Indie Witches. How did Julietta come to be?

hey guys :).

Well, life is a series of events that leads us to the now, that is how Julietta came to be. I have been a performing since I was a child, I'd make sure everyone was entertained by me, and made sure they knew I was there. From putting on shows in my living room to tying their shoe laces together under the dinner table - I'd always seek a reaction. As I got older performing turned into a therapeutic act, I'd turn to music and acting in times when I really needed to let shit go. The music or the scene would give me the space to express freely. I had some issues in my early teens with drugs and alcohol, if it weren't for my connection to music I don't know where I would be right now. It saved me. There was never a moment where music wasn't a part of my life and ways of being, and never a moment where I wasn't grateful for it. When I graduated college I realized there is nothing else I would rather do with my time than play and write and meet creatives. So I turned to the music business, and now here I am :) 

2) Who were your musical inspirations/favorite artists growing up?

I loved Cher, Madonna, Abba, Avril Lavigne, Led Zeppelin, Sting, Beatles, Bob Marley and all those classics. I'm a 90's baby, very good times :) 

3) Could you briefly describe your music-making process?

My favorite time to write would be when I feel like there is an emotion stuck in my chest. Like a heartburn or a muscle knot. I massage that emotion with my sounds and words that relate to the feeling. I let the sounds and words move this feeling around till it releases into a song. 

4) How has your music evolved since you first started?

Its like cooking. Do you remember the first time you made a sauce or the first time you made a roast? There's a recipe that you follow, but you discover how to make it your own each time you make it. Every time you go for it you are closer to the perfect recipe that makes it uniquely yours. Same as my music. When I started I was super cheesy and predictable, but the more I practiced the more I got to understand my strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your abilities it helps you grow and progress because you strengthen your weaknesses. My music is what it is today because of what it was yesterday. 

5) What is your favorite venue you have played?

My favorite venue would be Rough Trade in Williamsburg. Has a really cool record shop in the front and the venue in the back. I've met so many awesome musicians performing there, it's a great vibe.

6) Who are you currently listening to?

My playlist is all over the place, but my last played songs were from Leisure and Toro y Moi

7) What is your spirit animal?

A sensitive Lion

8) Have you faced any challenges being a woman in the music industry?

You can say so. I haven't met many female producers and musicians in my career so far. I am always having sessions with males and sometimes it can be hard, I want to be vulnerable in my sessions but it takes me time to feel comfortable with a guy in the room. I always have my guard up with men because of past experiences so I have to find a way to let it come down quickly so we can write a good song. I have met more females this year and am lucky to have them play with me on stage. I love me a girl band 

9) What advice would you give to your younger self?

Follow your deepest instincts and everything else will follow  

10) Any upcoming shows? Where is the best place for fans to follow you?

Yes! I have a show August 10th at Baby's Alright in Williamsburg with Evan Giia. You can follow me on instagram @julietta.lunarose or facebook page under my name for upcoming show and music release information! :) 


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