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Interview: Little Vicious

This week we chatted with Asbury Park based rock and roll band Little Vicious! Check it out below and stream their latest music now.

Photo By: Dave Pokk @swampjohnson

1) Hey Little Vicious! Thanks for chatting:) How did your band come to be?

Greetings Indie Witch team! Always down to talk about music. Little Vicious evolved over three years from a two piece garage rock project into a three piece stoner blues riff-rock band. I spent a long time figuring out exactly what I wanted to do, with who I wanted to do it - and how to have humility while carrying my guitar confidently. LV was formed through incredibly hard work with many different musicians that I have been lucky to play with, especially my current band mates, Tom Morrison (drums) and Greg Black (bass). Just come to a show and see.

2) What drew you to the Rock and Roll genre?

Oh man, Jimi Hendrix for sure, and just the vulnerability of it all. The guitarists I respect are so piercing, emotional through their playing. I’ve always had a difficult time being open about my emotions, even just talking gets hard. Playing rock and roll gets rid of that fear and hesitation. There is something so primal and honest and undeniable about rock and roll; there’s no faking it. I love almost every kind of music, but nothing else does that for me. 

3) Who were your biggest musical influences growing up?

Oops! Haha, aside from Hendrix - Led Zep, Jackson 5, the Eagles, Nine Inch Nails, Jimmy Buffett, the Kinks, Beck, Frederick Chopin, Nirvana. My parents had an eclectic taste to put it mildly, and I started playing music with classical piano.

4) Who are you currently listening to?

I can’t stop listening to FIDLAR’s newest record, called “Almost Free.” A buddy of mine just showed me the track “Small Worlds” by Mac Miller - I’d actually never listened to him before, but listen to it, that whole album. It’s a really beautiful piece of work. And this British group, Demob Happy, seriously kick ass. 

5) Any upcoming shows? Best place for fans to follow you?

So many shows! LV will be all over the east coast for most of August, from New York City down to Orlando. We post daily on Instagram (@littleviciousmusic) and our website ( has all of our upcoming tour dates. This weekend (July 25th-27th) LV will be in the tri-state area with our good friends Black Magic Flower Power, so if you like to boogie definitely come through.


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