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Interview + "Love Me" by BadMoodRude feat. Lil Xan

Check out our interview with BadMoodRude and listen to her latest single "Love Me" below. For more, follow her on social media @BadMoodRude.

1) What was your inspiration for "Love Me"?

"Love Me" is a song about a back and forth relationship where you just want your feeling reciprocated.

2) How was working with Lil Xan?

It was great! He did his verse in only a couple days and I love what he adds to the song.

3) Love your name:)) What made you choose BadMoodRude?

Rude is an actual nickname my dad has called me since I was little- BadMood is a joke because I try to be friendly to everyone.

4) If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

My mom and grandma, so they could see what I’ve been doing. They were always so supportive of me and I miss them.

5) Who are you currently listening to?

Recently I’ve been listening to Avril Lavigne and Lil Peep, haha. 

6) Any upcoming shows? Where is the best place for fans to follow you?

I’m going on tour in a few months! Dates are still getting settled but everyone can keep up with me on Spotify, Instagram or TikTok @ BadMoodRude.


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