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Interview: Loyal Lobos

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Check out our interview with "former choir girl making haunting folk-pop" artist Loyal Lobos! Originally from Colombia and now residing in Los Angeles, Andrea Silver pushes boundaries with her original tracks. We are obsessing over her latest singles "Swim" and "Wrong" here! Follow Loyal Lobos on social media for more music and shows.

1) Hey Loyal Lobos! Thanks for interviewing with Indie Witches. How did Loyal Lobos come to be?

It was just one night at my sketchy Hollywood apartment hanging out with my friend Kenny from the band Goon, and he told me he had these two words stuck in his head "Loyal Lobos" and I had been looking everywhere for artist names since I really wanted a character to hide behind. I first wanted something related to the witch trials, to South American witchcraft but no name stuck with me. After that I found so many different meanings to it, like the fable of Romulus and Remus in Roman mythology of the she-wolf that raised two orphans that later became the founders of the roman kingdom. The seductive she-wolf that is often censored or shamed but at the same time plays the role of the maternal, loving mother. But in the end, its just a name a liked of two words my friend said.

2) Could you briefly describe your music-making process?

It changes always, but I thing the most consistent method is to write down a quote or line that comes to mind and save it for when I feel lucky, I often end up changing it completely but it serves as the main idea that the song will talk about. Or I'll just hear a cheesy pop song in a lyft or at the grocery store and I'll just save it in a voice note and write from there. It de[ends, I feel lucky every time it comes to me specially as ADHD as I am so I take it however it comes

3) Did making the move from Colombia to the United States have any influence on your music?

Absolutely. I think your brain is a sponge and whatever you listen to will reflect on your music. I think songwriting wise, the melodies and narrative os songs from South America are very noticeable in my music, but after listening to American songwriters like Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Karen Dalton or Elliott Smith, I noticed a more subtle tone to that misery and it blew my mind. Almost as if they manage to play it cool while pouring their hearts out. It feels safe, but beautiful and honest. On the other side, the melodramatic and overly explanatory elements of south American songwriting to me are so empowering because there is no fear of feeling or being embarrassed by being heartbroken and feeling miserable, so I find both of these approaches so inspiring and I think both are great influences in my songs.

4) Favorite book you’ve ever read and why?

I don't read much because I can't focus well to be honest. Right now I'm reading A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine and balancing it out with watching Bachelor in Paradise or Rock of Love.

5) Who are you currently listening to?

I've been listening a lot to the music I grew up around because I've been homesick lately. Marbelle, old reggaeton like early Zion y Lenox, Ivy Queen, Totó La Momposina, Mercedes Sosa, Silvio Rodriguez, Soda Stereo, La Pestilencia and some others. Also Kanye West, Phoenix, Alex G and I'm obsessed with this old song I discovered called "Like a Diamond" by Glass Ghost.

6) Any upcoming shows? Where is the best place for fans to follow you?

There's many to come! I don't have solid dates yet but I'm always posting about it on Instagram, etc..



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