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Interview + New Single: Faith & Majesty

We had the pleasure of catching up with indie folk sister duo Faith & Majesty about their latest single "Premise." The lyrics are a thoughtful retrospective on all that was 2020 but with a lively, hopeful pulse that reminds us light is at the end of the tunnel. The two work as nurses by day and started making music because of its powerful, healing qualities. Check out our interview with these two amazing ladies and be sure to stream "Premise" out everywhere now!

1) Hi Faith & Majesty! How are you?! Crazy times we're in, how is your quarantine going?

Hey! Firstly, thanks so much for reaching out to us, it’s a pleasure to chat with you! Our quarantine is definitely longer than we originally expected it to be, but we are adjusting to this new normal. 2020 was definitely very tough on us with Covid-19 coming on the scene and working in healthcare, but we are so thankful we’ve been able to stay safe and that we are releasing new music this year! 2) What was your inspiration behind your new single "Premise"?

Premise was and still is our quarantine song. It’s a reflective track that has a sort of meditative quality to it. The verses are incredibly vulnerable, literally summing up thoughts, realizations, doubts and truths we had to face in 2020. Premise takes the listener through an uncategorized series of tenses: The past, hopes for the future but at the same time reminds you to stay in the present and a part of self-care is honesty and processing how you feel in the best way possible. Songwriting is our way to process emotions and this song is a good representation of that. 3) I hear you both work as nurses!! That is incredible. What tips do you have for keeping up with physical and mental health during these times?

We are both nurses, so it’s been interesting navigating this past year with all that’s been going on. Our best tips right now would be to honor your body/mind with rest when you need to. It can be very easy to overwork or overthink these days, so it’s good to keep track of where you’re at and not get burnt out. Extra tip: wear a mask and social distance of course! 4) Favorite movie?

We have so many favorite movies, but one that we revisited recently is Interstellar. 5) Where is the best place for fans to follow you?

The best place to follow us is on Instagram and Tiktok at Faithandmajesty!! You can also find us on all streaming platforms at Faith and Majesty.


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