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Interview: Tank and the Bangas

New Orleans natives Tank and the Bangas have made waves with their unique sound and bright personalities that we all love ❤️ We had the honor of chatting with them about their single "Self Care" and their music video for the song. Check it out below!

1) With the recent release of "Self Care" and it's empowering message, what do you do to take care of yourselves?

I think it means different things for all of us. With quarantine we've all seen how important it is to really slow down and how much we weren't paying attention to ourselves before. What you watch, what you see, what you eat, that all matters. All of that is self care and is important.

2) How do you feel about the way the music is happening right now?

When doing a virtual show we get nervous because we know what it sounds like to us but aren't sure what it sounds like for the people listening and what that is going to translate to! But it's great to be able to connect to people in that way.

3) How do you feel about the music industry?

We were independent for so long and we still have a very independent mindset of how we work and do things and I don't even feel like we're in the "industry."

But one thing that I didn't notice because I grew up in a very loving household was I didn't realize that the industry had a problem with dark skinned women, dark skinned chubby women.They have a bias against that and that's why we try so hard to break through cause you don't realize it's a problem until you get into this world and you realize, when was the last time there was a dark skin star who was a singer?

4) For the "Self Care" music video did you each choose your own favorite colors to represent you?

I love purple but I also thought certain colors would look best on certain girls and I thought that would look really cool:) It was probably one of the most quiet video sets we've ever been on! It was a fun time.

5) How was the process of making the video for you all?

It was sooo fun! I had this concept and wanted you to enter each girl's world and I wrote it down to rearrange it and it honestly exceeded my expectations with how it turned out. I'm super happy with it!

Follow @tankandthebangas and watch their music video for "Self Care" below!


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