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Interview: Taylor Grey

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

We caught up with pop artist Taylor Grey after her opening performance at The Gramercy Theatre in NYC with New Hope Club! Check it out below and stream her latest music here.

Indie Witches: Hey Taylor! Thanks for chatting with Indie Witches:) How did you get your start in music?

Taylor Grey: So I started in musical theatre when I was really young. I was actually really shy as a kid so my mom threw me in plays and then I fell in love with it. I started writing songs in middle school to express myself and all my middle school hardships and then started with voice lessons and worked my way up from there! I was never “discovered” or anything like that so it’s just been something I’ve been doing since I was 14, from recording my own songs in my bedroom to progressively small incremental steps to get to where I am now.

IW: How do you juggle school and music?

TG: Poorly! Coffee helps, usually I'll go to school Monday-Friday and I try to schedule things so I don't have class on Friday because I spend most of my weekends in LA, whether it's for shows or rehearsals, etc. This past May, I left to tour with New Hope Club and The Vamps in the UK and told some teachers and didn't tell other ones and hoped for the best! I make sure to take my laptop with me everywhere:)

IW: What’s your favorite part of performing live?

TG: The most surreal feeling is seeing people sing your songs along with you. It's like this weird... I don't want to say "meta moment" but it kinda is! To people they say either it’s just a song or it's catchy or they like it, but to me it's like wow I wrote this at a very low point in my life, like on the floor of my bedroom, and now I'm singing it and you're singing it too! It's very full circle and probably the best feeling in the world.

IW: Who are your musical inspirations?

TG: I am really attached to the early 2000s pop female icons. Avril Lavigne has been my favorite since 3rd grade. I started writing songs the way I do because of Taylor Swift and understanding how songwriting can really function as a way to write. When I went into high school I really got into my emo stage and fell in love with Lana Del Ray, Marina and the Diamonds and Florence and the Machine. They really brought me into my darker element and added an edginess to my lyrics. And then later in high school I found Halsey and was like, this is the blend of rhythmic production and edge that I love! So I'm really inspired by female bad asses:)

IW: Where’s your favorite place to shop?

TG: I’m a big fan of online shopping and I do nothing in person. I hate dressing rooms, they’re the worst things ever. I always go to Revolve and try to find sales but also... they have a swimsuit that's $300 and who wants that?! So I'm a really big sales Revolve person.

IW: What was the last song you listened to today?

TG: I listened to a song by Sadie Hawkins and I can't remember the name of it right now. I think it's “The Way You Break My Heart” but the line that I love in it is, “don't show me to the door I know my own way out.” It's SUCH a good line like are you kidding me? Those simple things that anyone can think of but you don't and they think of it; it's genius.

IW: Favorite venue you’ve ever played?

TG: The Troubadour is really special just because of the history that’s there. I've had crazy history with the Troubadour, my second show ever was there when I went on tour with Jacob Whitesides. So not only does it have epic history, but the fact that I can say that was one of my first shows, I am not deserving of but it happened so I will gladly accept! That place will always hold a special spot in heart.

IW: Where’s the best place for fans to follow you? Any upcoming music/shows?

TG: Yes! My Instagram and Twitter (what I’m most on) is @iamtaylorgrey. There's a 99% chance if you DM me I will respond, I am always bored. I shouldn't be cause I have so much homework and I ignore most of it (stay in school kids!) but Instagram and Twitter @iamtaylorgrey. Then I'll be announcing that I am going on tour with Why Don't We and that's going to be super fun and I'm excited to go to a bunch of states where I've never been!


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