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Interview: Thunderpussy

Our latest interview features all lady rock and roll band Thunderpussy and we are OBSESSED with them. Check it out below and stream their latest music here.

1) Hey Thunderpussy! Thanks for chatting with us:) How did your band come to be?

Thank you! Molly and I fell in love and we both loved music with equal passion. I saw her sing in another band before that, and I was enamored with her stage presence. It didn’t take long once we were dating to begin writing together. We were born to do this.

2) LOVE the name. I hear you are in the middle of a Supreme Court case because of it! Want to tell us more about that?

Well, we were denied 5 years ago on the grounds of being scandalous, immoral, and disparaging. At that time we were told that we had to wait for another case to be decided: that of Asian American band, The Slants (also scandalous and disparaging). The Slants won their case and we thought we would win ours based on that verdict, but it turns out we were still immoral and therefore lumped in with another fellow “immoral” brand. That of a clothing line named FUCT. Well, Eric Brunetti just won that case, and things are looking up for Thunderpussy, but at this time, we are still not certain whether we will win our™ or not. 

3) What is your favorite part of touring?


4) Who are you currently listening to?

Today. The Highwaymen. Janis Joplin. Cage the Elephant.

5) Upcoming shows/ best place for fans to follow you?

You can always catch up with us at, and join our mailing list! Hopefully launching a fan club by the end of the year as well, so stay tuned!

New EP, entitled, ‘Milk It,’ out next month featuring Mike McCready and Chad Smith!! You can listen to the single ‘Never Know’ right now!


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