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Interview: TMBOY

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Our latest interview features Brooklyn based electro-pop duo TMBOY! Exploring "queer love and self discovery," TMBOY has a unique sound you don't want to miss. Check out their latest music video for "The Light" and see them on tour!

Feb 8 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool (record release)

Feb 22 - Baltimore, MD - The Crown*

Feb 23 - Washington DC - Dew Drop Inn*

Feb 24 - Philadelphia, PA - Bourbon & Branch* -

March 1 - Portland, ME - The Apohadion Theater -

March 2 - Boston, MA - Dorchester Art Project*

1) Hey TMBOY, thanks for chatting with Indie Witches! How did TMBOY come to be?

Thanks for having us! We met working at the same jingle house and became great pals. Then one day we were sorta just like, we should make some music together for fun. It was super easy working with each other, and then it very quickly grew into a band… next thing we knew we were playing our first gig at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

2) As self described “shadowy electronic pop,” what attracted you to the genre?

The combination of our interests and skills kind of just falls into that genre without us really

intending it to.

3) If you could have dinner with any musical artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

We both just thought of Prince immediately. He would definitely show us a good time and hopefully lead us to a crazy afterparty or a music-making session at his studio.

4) What is your music making process like?

Every song is started in a different way. It keeps our approach different and fresh every time. The initial idea for a song usually comes out of a session working together and experimenting with a combination of live and electronic elements. Then we will both take what we’ve done and work on it separately to develop it further.

5) Favorite venue you’ve ever played?

Bowery Ballroom. That room sounds super good on stage and in the crowd. It was also a sold out show opening for The Dø who we love. Definitely a sick show.

6) Who are you currently listening to?

We are getting a lot of production ideas listening to Autechre. We’ve also been obsessed with West African pop singer Oumou Sangaré. We always play a song of her’s in our DJ sets. If you haven’t listened to her, drop everything and put her on.

7) Where is the best place for fans to follow you?

Follow us on instagram for hot shots and follow us on Spotify for our tunes and playlists!


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