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Lillimure: "WDYTM"

Photo By: Jesse Sandler

"WDYTM" (why do you tease me) by Lillimure starts off in the direction of a soft and delicate ballad. Her lyrics hold pain and when she sings, “Where does that leave us,” she catches her listener’s attention. Her lyrics beg you to listen and to really feel the hurt she’s singing about. The song transitions into a pop like beat that almost immediately changes the energy of the song. However, her lyrics continue to dominate the song. As the catchy and head-bobbing beat flows throughout the song, Lillimure sings about a partner who she’s completely lost hope in, yet still loved. This song put me in such a nostalgic place and made me think about my first love and all of the distress that I once felt. Her chorus of, “Why do you tease me” strikes a powerful chord in the song; while the chorus is captivating, it also wraps up the whole song in just a few words. As she also sings, “You always get away with the way you hurt me,” and, “Sometimes I think it’ll all turn around, but you turn it around, you always screw it up,” she’s no longer counting on her partner for the love they once allowed her to feel, yet she still has to feel this familiar heartache. The song carries on with the exciting beat and her broken-hearted lyrics, yet when you get to the end of the song, you can’t help but feel good for her. You can feel her strength as she’s going through the pain of relationships that we’ve all experienced before. Although heartbreak sucks, it does make for great lyrics and a catchy song. Check out Lillimure on social media for more!

XO- Katie Lerner


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