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"Loneliest Girl in the World [Quarantine Edition] by Bella Alubo

Feeling lonely and trapped? "Loneliest Girl in the World" by Bella Alubo will give you the spark of joy you've been needing. This is the first release off of Red Hot's compilation EP, Kele•le, which features work from five empowered artists from the Naija music scene of Nigeria. All revenue from the EP will be donated for charity in support of COVID-19 relief in Nigeria.

Artist Bella Alubo states, “A lot has changed for Nigerian women. Because we are now challenging the patriarchy! Okay, peace out to the patriarchy! Rest in peace, haha. Nigerian women are speaking of and acknowledging our feelings, talking about what we want, chasing our dreams. We are still bringing ourselves through it. We express ourselves more through music, through our careers, through our achievements-through saying what we want, really.”

Watch the music video below and follow Bella Alubo and Kele•le on social media! Animation by the lovely Tolga Tarhan.


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