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"Madeleine" by Camille Thornton

Camille Thornton has just released a gorgeous new single “Madeleine.” The song addresses her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, but rather than seeping with jealously or disdain, it delivers a bittersweet cry for help. Camille speaks of a unique connection between the two women, telling Madeleine, “You once stood right here where I stand” and “I’ve been drinking poison from the cup that you once poured your heart into.” Lyrically, “Madeleine” comes across as a meticulously worded letter from the heart, drawing multiple comparisons between the women and revealing hard-to-face truths about her relationship. As she struggles to help her boyfriend and make their relationship work, she wonders whether even Madeleine, who she believes he still loves, would be able to help him. Camille’s voice captures all these emotions wonderfully, dancing beautifully between tenderness and resolve. The unique synth-folk sound, produced by Camille and Khaya Cohen, combines the lyrical structure of folk music with the upbeat synth, percussion, and electric guitar of pop. Truly vulnerable and heart-wrenching, “Madeleine” is a beautiful letter to a girl that she doesn’t know, but feels deeply connected to in a unique way. Follow Camille Thornton on social media and check out the playlist she made just for us!

Written By: Courtney Thompson


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