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Mikayla Menzies: "Wildfire"

With a dreamy, moody atmosphere, Mikayla Menzies opens her song, “Wildfire,”with the lyric “there’s a voice in my head, but it’s not mine.” Her sultry but vulnerable voice moves the song to tell the story of a woman recognizing and owning her uniqueness and her power, as well as her ability to overcome her past relationships and demons.

The song itself is very nostalgic, accentuated by the moodiness and simplicity of the

instrumentals. However, as the bridge builds, she states “you can’t put me out/you can’t chase me down.” The song transitions from a story about longing to a story of freedom and empowerment. As a wildfire, Menzies illuminates that she cannot and will not be held down or tamed.

Fans of Billie Eilish, Lorde, and Maty Noyes would find themselves right at home among

Menzies’ vocals and lyricism. Her smooth, sultry vocals combined with her poetic lyricism is

enchanting. With just synth keyboards and a simple beat, Menzies draws the listener’s attention to her voice, which conveys a nice balance of vulnerability and power. Ultimately,“Wildfire” is a beautiful statement, declaring that one should not be ashamed of their vulnerability or their power because that is what sets people free.

Check out Mikayla Menzies on social media for upcoming music and shows!

xo Gen Dietzel


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