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"more thoughts" by LeyeT

Alternative-pop artist LeyeT has just released a new EP titled more thoughts as a follow-up to her first EP thoughts. The simple title is an appropriate name for the EP, which feels very personal and vulnerable. LeyeT has expressed that “a season of growth and independence” inspired her “to explore themes outside of love and heartbreak” in more thoughts. The result is a refreshing tracklist that focuses on many topics that are equally as relatable and important as romance, including self-love, friendship, and childhood nostalgia.

“Room for Me” opens the EP with the message of loving yourself and putting yourself first. This anthem for self-care is much needed in today’s demanding society, and this song reminds you to take a break and breathe, making it easy to do so with LeyeT’s soothing vocals and layers of soft guitar, percussion, and harmonies. The second track, “Notice You”, is a rare song in terms of topic, because rather than focus on a romantic spark, it speaks to having a serious connection with someone. In whatever way that this connection develops, be it romantic or platonic, LeyeT makes clear how valuable it is to find this kind of meaningful relationship.

In an interesting juxtaposition, the songs “Rabbit Hole” and “Simpler Times” seem to be in conversation with one another. “Rabbit Hole” reflects on the negative patterns that one can fall into regarding social media. Featuring sharp lyrics and heavy guitar, “Rabbit Hole” displays LeyeT’s edgier side. “Simpler Times” takes a step back to remember how free life was as a child, without all the societal pressures and constraints that come with adulthood. With a catchy melody and strong percussion, “Simpler Times” combines LeyeT’s signature pop sensibilities with her edgier side displayed in the previous track.

Perhaps one of the most relatable songs on the EP, “Trying Still” speaks to the universal struggle to find yourself and continue onward despite uncertainty. With soft, acoustic guitar and breathy, echoing vocals, it is a beautiful and encouraging song. The final song on the EP, “Good Ones” can best be described as a sad song you’ll want to dance to. Although it is about missing the idea of someone who you were once close to, the lyrics and instrumentals are upbeat and jazzy.

LeyeT does a great job of combining fun music with meaningful lyrics on more thoughts. Each song describes a different experience that many people, especially young women, can relate to. With a clearly defined sound, all the songs on more thoughts fit together beautifully while still maintaining unique qualities and demonstrating LeyeT’s range.

Written By: Courtney Thompson


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