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"No More" by FLTY BRGR GRL

In the form of a garage-pop love song, FLTY BRGR GRL makes you look desire in the eye and dares you to deny yourself. Their dreamy single “No More” sparkles with the gorgeous nostalgia of teen crushes and the moments before a first kiss. This Norway-based band describes themselves as “lo-fi and sugary,” and this song’s simple sweetness feels decadent. The song captures that feeling of trying to resist that person you want, and how that restraint makes your temptation even sweeter. The song begins in the body, “I can feel it in my bones/Feel my heartbeat/Faster than a racecar.” This isn’t the only time the song is lush with longing. But the song engages in this wonderful push and pull between the confession of what you want and the (failed) effort to hold yourself back.

Embellished with colorful percussion and confident indie vocals, “No More” evokes a similar cool girl energy of Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy: badass women with guitars who aren’t afraid to sing about what they want. However, FLTY BRGR GRL’s raw finish to their songs makes the listening experience feel so much more immediate and intimate. It sounds like listening to your extremely talented friend’s band in your living room. With their retro flair and lo-fi ambience, FLTY BRGR GRL has provided us the perfect bop for the next time we hesitate before a first kiss. I haven’t spoken to FLTY BRGR GRL before, but if I’ve learned anything from “No More,” I bet they’ll be cheering you on.

Written by: Misha Rani Ponnuraju


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