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"Orange Peel" by Mother Stutter

Orange Peel” is the latest single from Mother Stutter, a non-binary artist who excels at tackling difficult topics with insight and eloquence. “From the perspective of an abuse victim who has snapped,” “Orange Peel” describes the ways in which the victim has been hurt and turns it into a powerful statement about the cruelty of the abuser. They equate the victim’s body with fruit, describing how it can rot, bruise, be squeezed, and be cut open. The victim wonders whether their abuser will still want them when they can no longer heal and are “left empty like an orange peel.” The song begins gently with soft guitar, but soon picks up with percussion, vocals, and heavy electric guitar. The rock sound intensifies with the victim’s anger and the song expresses their repulsion for their abuser’s actions. The lines “I always leave you so stripped down, I always leave you, exposed” seem to suggest that the victim is not the only one who is vulnerable, and the imbalance of power is shifted. The abuser’s actions actually expose him to be the rotten person, rather than the victim, who feels as though their body may rot. The way that Mother Stutter portrays the victim’s pain and how they translate it into anger and power is brilliantly done. Their voice is extremely expressive, moving from carefully worded speech as if treading gently, to intense and raspy rock vocals. A painful, angry, and powerful song, “Orange Peel” is not only an anthem for victims of abuse, but a warning to abusers that their actions have consequences and that they cannot attempt to ruin someone without ruining themselves. Follow Mother Stutter on social media here!

Written by: Courtney Thompson


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