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"Over Easy" EP by broox

NYC- based queer alt-R&B artist broox has just released her new EP, Over Easy. While broox’s EP is clearly rooted in R&B, she includes elements of other genres to create a unique sound that is all her own. The first track, “BTWLD”, sets the tone with smooth, rich vocals and a relaxing rhythmic backing. It’s a romantic song, and the comforting lyrics and uplifting melody instantly make you feel at ease. Differentiating itself from more superficial love songs, “BTWLD” is very intimate and focuses on the idea of being there for your partner and building them up.

The next track, “She’s Been Listening”, follows up with more attitude as broox addresses the struggle to look past materialism in a society that obsesses over it. This song features a strong jazz influence which complements her voice well and lends to the moodier vibe. As a whole, Over Easy exudes a dreamy quality, but it also contains empowering messages about love and happiness.

Written By: Courtney Thompson


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