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"Palo Santo" by Camille Thornton

Singer-songwriter Camille Thornton has released her debut single,“Palo Santo.” A poetic and nostalgia ridden track, the first notes will instantly send butterflies to your stomach as the throbbing synth transports you to another version of yourself. The lyrics resemble an earnest journal entry on the spectrum of feels that come alongside falling in love with someone for the first time. Thornton’s ethereal vocals provide the finishing touch of alt pop delicacy. “Palo Santo” revels in youth and honesty alongside an ephemeral beat that you can’t help but move along to. After living in Virginia and Berlin, Thornton currently resides in New York where she writes and performs while advocating for veganism and sustainability in the city. Listen below and follow Camille Thornton on social media here!

P.S. - Camille curated a Spotify Playlist JUST for us! Check it out!

Written By: Madison Hetterly



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