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"Pieces" by JUJ

R&B/pop artist JUJ has just released a new single called "Pieces." She is only 19, but her music displays a tremendous amount of maturity. “Pieces” speaks to being okay when surrounded by others, but not knowing how to be okay on your own. This is a relatable experience for many, but can be difficult to put into words, and JUJ does so perfectly. She cleverly juxtaposes the idea of going to pieces with the idea of lacking peace in an excellent lyrical display. In another striking lyric, JUJ explains that the people in your life may not understand that you are struggling because “they just know me in the daytime.” The song is real and soulful, using choral elements to emphasize the heavy emotion in JUJ’s voice and lyrics. Not only is “Pieces” a powerful depiction of personal struggle, but it is also a creative and masterfully executed piece of art. Follow her on social media here!

Written By: Courtney Thompson


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