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"Pity Love" by FYOHNA

FYOHNA’s new single “Pity Love” is an unapologetic refusal to accept love that hurts you. FYOHNA is an LA-based art pop band consisting of Katarina Gleicher, Elliot Glasser, and Hayley Brownell. “Pity Love” delivers authentic lyrics about a relationship that has gone sour, where one person looks down the other rather than truly loving them. Realizing that the love is gone in a relationship and “it’s time to retreat” is not easy, and FYOHNA portrays the situation with tact and power. Accompanied by a mesmerizing lyric video with bright colors and bold artistic visuals, “Pity Love” features upbeat music and percussion, which move beautifully alongside Katarina’s silky vocals. An anthem for those who are sick of being pitied and made to feel weak, “Pity Love” is about finding the strength to stand up for yourself and go your own way. Listen below and follow them on social media here.

Written by: Courtney Thompson


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