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PREMIERE! "Cool" by Mima Good

Photo by: Michelle Lo Bianco

In need of a fun escape from this crazy world? We got you. New York based singer-songwriter Mima Good has released her second single, "Cool," off of her upcoming album and we loveeee it. A statement on losing yourself in order to mold into someone else's brand, the track is an upbeat reminder it's okay to not always fit in. Good recounts, “It started out as a joke, but as I layered on new instruments, I peeled back the onion to more sincere feelings about accessibility to community and image. When I wrote the second verse and the line: ‘their sneakers look just like yours, but from a different place’, I was thinking about how much capitalism controls coolness. At the time, everyone was wearing the same white sneakers. Some were hundreds of dollars and some were $40 rip offs, but everyone was attempting to belong to the same clean box.” Her ethereal vocals mixed with glittering synths make it the perfect pick me up to get you through the rest of your quarantine days! Listen below and follow Mima Good on social media here!


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