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PREMIERE: "Doves" by Climates

Climates, a Brooklyn-based alternative band, has just released an impressive second single called “Doves.” A mellow intro suddenly gives way to a fast-paced guitar melody, which fades in and out in perfect rhythm like a rolling wave. Smooth and effortless vocals compliment the music and the overall effect is a dreamy song with a strong bassline and atmospheric guitar riffs. It is clear that each member, Theadora Curtis (vocals, bass), Molly Schoen (lead guitar), Keira Zhou (drums), Natalie Lew (guitar), is extremely skilled with their instrument, and each is given a chance to shine. The lyrics are dark, yet sung in such a relaxed way that it feels like the song of a powerful, mysterious figure from a complex and dramatic film. Following up their debut single “Super 8,” it is clear that Climates is cultivating an original sound. Their self-dubbed “Glitter Grunge” genre is aptly named, and breaks the mold of conventional grunge by mixing in lighter sounds and more polished effects. “Doves” somehow feels both classic and completely new at the same time; a refreshing feeling and not an easy feat. Follow Climates on social media here and stream "Doves" below!

Written by: Courtney Thompson

Check out some tips from the band on how to get through quarantine! xoxo

Artist on repeat? 

Courtney Barnett, Princess Nokia, and a lot of old sad country music like Townes Van Zandt or Gram Parsons 

What shows have you binged so far? 

The Tiger King (lol), I finished season 3 of Castlevania and am liking Bates Motel (way behind, always).

Any skills you’re honing? 

Cake decorating !

I’ve been practicing guitar more than bass, maybe in preparation for this stripped down solo live stream stuff though I hope things are getting back to normal sooner than later. And my French dictionaries have been positioned everywhere! Going to open one soon.

Any favorite ways of boosting your morale? 

Not to be cliché but playing music really does help. Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation when the days stretch on and on... I like to keep my acoustic out for that reason, it’s easy to just pick up and play without having to set anything up. 

Love a good old fashioned teen dream bedroom dance party. And going on night jogs, positive feels even though I sprint across the street when I see another person. We usually still wave and have some nice little ‘all in it together’ connection.

Go-to snack since they’re now so constantly available…

pita chips, Popcorn & Mexican Coke or Diet Coke, Sabra Hummus Snacks. Now - then - forever.


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