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PREMIERE:"Lily" by The Leanover

“Lily” is a rain streaked car window you stare out of as the scenery flies by, feeling a little bit like you might be in a movie. The new single by dream-rock band The Leanover lowly rumbles with melancholia, carrying a heavy beat that keeps you grounded through a hypnotic guitar ready to drift you away. Soft but powerful vocals, tinged by a Brandi Carlisle-eseque crackle, make this song on anthem for all who introspect on “the blues and all their hues.” “Lily” is a vulnerable and promising glimpse into The Leanover’s full length album set to drop in July 2019. Until then, here’s to wondering where the best of ourselves has gone, and when the feeling of being a “lily sunbathing” might come back.

Written By: Sarvani Ramcharran

Photo By: Marc-Andre Dupaul


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