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PREMIERE: "Mimi" by Carli & The Dark

Carli & The Dark’s new single “Mimi” is a beautiful, tender song about love and care. “Mimi” details the change in a relationship between two women, with very intimate lyrics accompanied by delicate guitar. Carli’s soft voice compliments the vulnerability of the lyrics, flitting effortlessly between notes and occasionally slipping into a beautiful, deeper tone. Listening to “Mimi” feels like watching an entire movie, cinematic and emotional, as it explores the relationship and how it comes to fall apart and find new life in friendship. Although her partner can no longer be her “guide,” she will continue to love and support her as a friend, which is a powerful message and nice change of pace from the sad and bitter breakup songs that we most often hear. Dreamy yet realistic, “Mimi” is a brilliant display of Carli & The Dark’s vocal talent and lyrical mastery. Pre-save the song here and follow them on social media for more!

Written by: Courtney Thompson

Artwork by: Ján Juhaniak

Mastering by: Dan Millice



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