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PREMIERE! "Norma Jean" by Kaycie Satterfield

Few songs so perfectly embody the very themes they’re built on. “Norma Jean” from Kaycie Satterfield’s upcoming EP Women’s Fiction is on the surface an uplifting blend of bright pop and funk, but masks a lyrical retelling of the rise and fall of Marilyn Monroe. Like poor Norma Jean, crushed by the sunny and sexy persona created for her by the media, this song similarly begs to be listened to more deeply. Past the song’s immediate hook (and a groove as retro as its protagonist) lies pure poetry as Satterfield parallels Monroe to a flower plucked and displayed for enjoyment, only to wither in its vase. Take a listen and enjoy the rarity that is a song as effervescent as it is thoughtful. Follow Kaycie Satterfield on social media here!

Written By: Sarvani Ramcharran



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