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Review: Julietta's "Smooth Sailing"

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Indie Witches is stoked to premiere alongside the release of Julietta’s debut album Smooth Sailing. Captivating with her cool charm and female fronted band, Julietta has been making a name for herself as a cross genre Alternative Electro Pop artist. Following the success of her singles “Runaway” and “Hard Love,” we have been eagerly awaiting her first full-length album.

The album kicks off with “Beach Break.” Setting the mood with a retro indie vibe, the track seamlessly shifts from dance floor rhythms to stripped down alternative. Opening with subtle guitar chords that flow into the melody of Julietta’s ethereal yet compelling vocals, she will put you in a pop trance you won’t want to get out of. Next up is the title track "Smooth Sailing” that showcases her songwriting skills, reflecting honesty and strength. With lyrics, “I’m finding my way / everybody’s gotta grow someday,” we see an authentic representation that connects on a deeper level to listeners.

“Stripes + Squares” masks itself as a quirky, light-hearted track but asks thought provoking questions about one’s self. Discussing the frustration of searching for fulfillment in a significant other as opposed to finding peace and strength from within shines a light on our society’s obsession with perfection. Seeing Julietta perform this track to a sold out audience at Berlin in NYC, she told us to listen with the question in our minds, “Are you a stripe or square?”

Transitioning into “Alchemist,” we hear the ethereal qualities of Julietta’s voice working alongside electro pop synths that are reminiscient of a 1980s hit ballad. “Hard Love” lightens the mood with catchy lyrics and a beat to match. The perfect addition to your Feel Good playlist, the track sums up electronic pop in 3 delightful minutes. Next is “Silver Haze,” an inspiring anthem for young women hustling in NYC and the desire to escape the non stop motion of the city that never sleeps.

Closing out the album is “Runaway.” A thoughtful track on the complexities of a relationship and willingness to help the one you love. With a lyric in Italian, an ode to Julietta’s heritage, the song sweeps you away into a pop daydream. Using this album as a tool of recovery and self-discovery, Julietta’s Smooth Sailing has a track for every mood. Inspiring internal strength and finding peace with who you are, this album is the perfect memento for every woman who is loving herself and creating a space of her own in this world.

XO~ Indie Witches


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