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Review: Powerlines' "Supermoon"

Photo by: Big Body Photography

Authentic and refreshingly bold, Powerlines latest single “Supermoon” gives us rock & roll with a fresh feel. With Deanna DiLandro on vocals, she entrances with her dynamically powerful yet vulnerable voice that will leave you holding on to every word. The track effortlessly builds alongside the drums and electric guitar chords to a driving crescendo of ultimate rock force. The lyrics “Don’t go slow it’s just begun/ remember that there are even blemishes on the sun/ there’s no perfect one,” provokes confidence while reminding listeners to not surrender to the pressures of perfection when fighting for their goals. Hailing from New Brunswick, NJ, Powerlines gives us everything we’re looking for in an up and coming rock and roll band. Be sure to follow Powerlines on social media to keep up with upcoming shows and new music out soon!

XO ~ Indie Witches


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