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Review: You're Sister's "Keepsake"

Photo by: Channing Wilson

Photo By: Channing Wilson

You’re Sister has released a new album titled Keepsake and it is everything dream folk should be. Perfectly crafted in nine hypnotizing tracks, the album encapsulates an array of human emotions from all consuming love to questioning death and spiritual existence. The solo project of 22 year old Megan Braaten, You’re Sister gives us alluring audio dreamscapes devised in her Ridgewood, Queens apartment.

The album kicks off with “Saint.” A stunning track that sets the pensive yet dreamy mood of what is to come. Megan’s ethereal voice accompanies soothing guitar chords that will most likely provoke visions of laying in a field on a warm spring day. Moving to a more moody track with consistent chords set in minor, “Right Now But Somewhere Else” discusses the power and persuasion dreams have on us and how they can alter our realities.

Shifting to a more cheerful aura, “Scent” has a dynamic melody that playfully guides the statement by Megan, “There’s too much thinking going on.” A quote we all have felt at one time or another. Anchoring the album is “Putting Me Down,” a soulful track that releases all the emotions that one can’t describe but tend to feel. Using the music to evoke a consciousness of despair, the arc of the track leads through the emotions felt throughout one’s day that can come out of the blue and are not always easy to describe. “Secret In the Window” has a darker tone with the guitar resembling a quickly beating heart that accurately reflects the anxiety of a well kept secret.

The next track “I Think About You” revels in the ecstasy and madness of being in love. Unable to get thoughts of someone out of your head, You’re Sister exposes these feelings perfectly for anyone who has ever been in love. With a title that brings a smile to my face, “Ur Gonna Die But So Am I” is a soothing hymn about the inevitability of death. The lyrics detail talking to a higher being that gives hope and courage through desperate times and is set to layering harmonies that accentuate the mood.

“Inspector” has a more playful vibe with cunning lyrics that seem to be straight from Megan’s diary. The album boldly ends on the six-minute track “Just Me & My Body/ The Moon.” This song holds deep awareness of what it means to be alive and questioning your own body and soul. Beautifully and artistically arranged, each track reveals the hand crafted time and energy that went into the album and successfully paid off. Undoubtedly talented and daringly raw, Keepsake is a striking album not to be missed. Be sure to check out You’re Sister on social media to keep up with upcoming shows and new music.

XO ~ Indie Witches


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