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"Sleep Talk" EP by Patricia Lalor

Dublin-based indie-pop artist Patricia Lalor has just released a new EP titled Sleep Talk under the label Friends Don’t Lie. At only 14 years old, Lalor demonstrates incredible talent beyond her years in both her songwriting abilities and her masterful vocals. Her four-track Sleep Talk EP blends soft indie sounds with pop and folk to create a vibrant, emotional experience. The title track “Sleep Talk” kicks off the EP with a light, dreamy song overflowing with beautiful harmonies. The following tracks “Words I Have To Say” and “Fall Back Asleep” are a bit darker, featuring a haunting combination of Lalor’s gorgeous harmonies and perfectly accompanying guitar. The EP closes with “13th of January,” a sadder song about the nostalgia for a time when things were simple and happy. Patricia Lalor does a wonderful job of capturing a certain feeling in her songs, and each note she sings and plays is so intentional and well-placed. She knows exactly when to scale things back and let her voice or some simple, isolated guitar chords carry the weight, and she also knows when to build tension with harmonies, retro-sounding synth, and drums. Sleep Talk is a beautiful collection of songs that complement each other wonderfully, yet each have their own unique sounds and convey different experiences. Listen below and follow Patricia Lalor on social media here!

Written by: Courtney Thompson


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